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LATEST UPDATE 31-01-2024

Bollock Swine vs Kylie Minoise split tape:

Too much talcum in the taco/tako told to toucan ….






Bollock Swine vs Kylie Minoise … face-off of the centipolar … & faces will rip, peel, melt, burn & leap-off of the skullz that bind ….. STREWTH! Wallop Cervix offers five eruptive cataclysms from the BS Osaka “mow-down & melt-back” sessions of the most energetic & out-of-control No-Skool-Noyzcore you will ever hear …. preposterous, unbridled, outré -addled Blur-Blast-Grindnoise Screamcore with beyond barbarian blast beats, pelting Gratecore & high-pressure hysteria spastic spontaneity from both human & animal subjects & a froth of weirdo samples. Featuring 秘密金具/Nishimoto from the glorious ひみつキング/Himitsu King on guitar & vocals, playing some of the most rending, scalding jagged & powerful “noise-guitar” magniloquence melt-off ever … terrifying super destruction, surrealism, garbage & hysteria - positively rupturing with eccentricity & draconian disorientation distortion severities ….. ridiculous.





Stalwart Scottish berserker resumes restivities, heaving a gigantic junk berg of harsh, deflagrable, disorderly, corrosive garbage noise & flensing space trash dragged-assunder by capsizing chemical tale-spillover & chaotic reactor blowout. A multifarious mangling of harsh, toxic, Industrial cyber Gonzo waste & Martian malware acid wash, disrepair, brain-raking static shutdown & deep-space reverse-gravity decompression sickness.

gorgeous lumi-green, see-through shell with contrasting neon-spray-can stencils, pink case & pull-out poster, hand-numbered at x418 copies on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper Tapes -

also available via Kovorox Sounds ~

… & your local crack dealer!

[BS vs KM]

[BS vs KM]

upcoming BS split tape with 886VG:

three more tracks from the luminary Osaka sessions thaumaturgy will be out as a split tape EP - Gush Gyna Junk-Gyre Geto Garbage - with harsh upstart adrena-junkie 886VG in March on Lo-fi or Die Records.

One more exclusive cut from the Osaka outburst extremities will appear on Basayev Inductions 05, omni-national Anti-Listener noisegrind & harsh noise compilation cassette Trussterfuck due out mid February.

Swine will be in the studio in Feb for fresh febrility/fruck fankle.

live shows in Seoul, Osaka, Ulaanbaatar - & elsewhere – are gestating for the summer of 2024.



Download: Faster Than All The

Fifteen years - of absolute bollux!!! To hark the extent, an omnibus compendium has been divinated comprising fodder from Bollock Swine’s numerous major releases, with new edits, misshape & malform, into a blotchy one hour & seven minutes’ worth of optimum-orgasm, plagued with new samples & riddled with fizzing viscoid caustics & cheap, quivering trifle hursche-nurrrz-alloy from super dumbbell’s 886VG, Hinyouki & Sewage. jaspe lustre drench majeure - with the fluttering of pheromones & floral redolence spewing on some spastic abundance preponderance profuse! -


神经刺痛 14 way split tape:

神经刺痛 (excerpt).mp3

Puff-ball and sundry. Th gumshoes don't deliver but th triumph of tussock 3.0 will enhance all frisson. Hey! - HEY!!! 神经刺痛 aka Sheng Jing Tsu Tong is unofficially offloaded. Thats 14 bands all spasming mousseux with x5 love-slats from Bollock Swine direct, in two disparate sessions with revolving line-up/instrumentation & obstreperation. th full proconsul consists of Sewage, OPS-PSF, Miracle Power Combination, Drogded, 886VG, Sedem Minut Strachu, Animal Machine, Sodoma 93, Wage-Slave Exchange, Shitnoise Bastards, sweet sounds of the burning child, New World & Qebrus. thoroughly' thoroughly outrageous & terminally Anti-Listener harrowing as yu would expect. giant juiciness with multi-coloured cassette cases, stickers, obi, double-sided giant pull-out pamphlet... & to glop it all off? - a fuckin' pro-cassette that can't decide weather its pink or red with hand-stamped ensign. 911 hand-numbered copies, on th nut-fucking of all nut-fuckest Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper Tapes.


Enchanted Fruity Melon Esculents (split tape with Law Facilitates Crime):


dakka-dakka & spacker-spacker!!! heaping that hostility & hysteria beyond belief...incomparable & peerless Blur-Blast-Shred-Gunk wi' churns of rabid Anti-Listener Hard-Vacuum gourmet stacked to killing quantities & swimming in a girls-bubble-bath of fast-moving frenetics & ultra-kinetics. Nobody shreds those curves like these unstoppable berserk mutant beasts!!! 333 copies, shawn & stamped! all lovingly embellished with th typical craft blat & gouge.


Bumper crop! Th tightest skirmishes. Will y' look at those spurs. Heyday. Promiscuity diktat. Orange-overlay asks elder-fleur sending for seventeen-section-security-seminar (9-bit) ergo oven-glove aphrodisiac. grudge thatch. Whilst picking flora, it became painfully apparent, that getting lost, was the quickest route to enlightenment (& a whole lorra’ lovin).

Soon, very big tape th thirteen way, coming down east side of th orograph. Eccles cakes, freshly mown grass, subcutaneous expulsions & plasma-deformities, all quick to barter on bottle-tops with used-yarn, seraglio amplification ingeminate & other romantic-pressures to suit all affiance. Where did they? Overseen inordinate, an everyday occurrence (reduced fiction)....they did it. Get your castes ready, your skin-grafts, your bone transplants.. Th big one, she coming with hurricane-hormones (th real pure woman, gyna, no ersatz! artifice! imposters! emulators!


What happens? - when yu slam a log-splitter into a guys spuds? Find out…in th latest instalment of PLENTY BOLLUX!!! – otherwise opted against as FLAVESCENT DITTOGRAPH!!! Six trax, 88 copies, SUPREME SURREAL SUPERHUMAN SASS!!!

They tried to block th bollock….but it backfired on those brittle bitches & bounced their broken bones over th boonies with th gnashing of teeth & really effective cutting manoeuvres where yu manipulate yur body weight with th slam for maximum severing capacity…try it on yur bollux or th nearest trans hyuk-hyuk-hyuk!!!
OVER EXTENDED BOLLOCKS! There are these guys from Detroit!!! They making & releasing some of the greatest ever IDM/Glitch/Breakcore/Digital-Electronic-Tecnho-polyspliceamalgus (Low Res Records, Adjust/Delien), & they is saying that they making the digital Noisecore/Gunk for Bollock Swine to having the sex with on th split cassette that will have yellow art by mad Shiroma with blue pro-cassette & splitting plenty bollerx. Can yu imagining th resultings? Fermenting in excitement, ready to exuberate yu a new arse-hole!!! ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^-*



Paralized Bollock. Total disequilibrium, a vicious n viscous vacuum of unsurpassable chaos & profuse preternatural pandemonium primogeniture pomposity propulsive profusion. Let’s experience everything at th same time on fast-forward all poly-centupled & cranked over-overdrive, bolts missing & safety gear sabotaged. Mud & magma. Mixogamy, maxed-out mutatives, missing marbles, a most memorable mutiny with a marvellous misalliance & mutilation of melodies. The model citizen went missing and turned up in a marsh with their mot matted. Why do yu assume th model citizen is female? Hej! yu don’t need to be female to have a mot these days! What is it with that shit? Lyk yu is or yooz aynt kid, no middle fuckin’ grund here y’ dig? I guess some shits will always fake it! HEJ! Iym all for being confused but fer fux sayx, git that shit in order fo’ I toss yir transgender arse to th fuggin’ gators y’ frik!!! Th body in th bog’s got a prick ok? I ain’t sexist ^ ^ jus’ transphobic ^_-

We will mek a super limited over ornate quality hyper limited pro-CDR destined for Erst-While Antrum for all yu devoted ball-bags, spilling ardour, perspiring perfervidity. Th body in th bog’s got bollocks, ok? Here, yu can have em’! sell em’ to one of th confused geex with somatic delusion & gender-jeremiad. Surgery? To “help” with yur gender delusion? I think yu should spend it on therapy instead. Bupleurum Bollock!!!

Tun’ yars uv absulut bollox (yap! Rurrly!).

S’ now yu got a prosthetic pecker, y’ lopped yur brusts orf n yer neckin testosterone. N y’ think y’ pretty fly. Yer a fuckin chump chica! When goddess gev’ yu a pair a’ knockers she expected results, throw ya weight behind that shit. Wus this? Dimensionally discombobulated? Lets just crank th arms of chime back & spend more time in th woods/jungle/sky-forest. A LOT more Bollox is coming soon, trust me (obviously).



Afrocentric Ungulate split pink cassette with Chappa’ai:

Increased impossibilities & enhanced-exacerbation on an extralinguistic ebullitionary extendogramme! like, whoa! I kno these cats are on peak chimney stack with th cutest meow, but this is just TOOOO much! cataclysmic convulsions & speeds, energies, tempos, titanic-turbulence-trauma berserk-bash amplified-outermost-aggression & astronomically agitated histrionics & over-urgency that just seems to somehow manifold, morph, maim meld & mutate on an ever rising ascension beyond th extremists outer-regions of acceptability & th realistic limitations of physics!!! Chappa’ai do a glorious job of maintaining the collision-course with abject NoyzGrynd/ harsh Anti-Listener Gunk. lovely, sweet & enchanting pink cassette gunged with green spray-paint n’ gorgeous art/design in a green case, ltd to x377 copies, genitured by Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper, six quid ( ) haphazard, haramesque, harridanic, horrisonant, horticultural, haughtiest- hysterix, hussy-hugger … 

세라믹 지-스팟 엔텔레키 영혼의 뿌리 절대적/LEG GETTER comp CDR:

millenary blague & unbiddable detrition! A splendid, dual-gurl, bass, drums & sax unremittent seventeen minute plus onslaught of inexplicable Gunk/Neko-Neko-Noyzcore Apex-Avant Torikowashi User-Hostility plenum with a plumpness & pertness that’ that’ that totally defies every sense of safety & security stationed with stupefying strenuousness, severity & sassiness surge seizure splurge!!!!!!!! x266 copies on Erst-While Antrum, six quid!
legume! legume!


UPDATE 14-06-14


disintegration, rend, rive and conflagration specialists + chronic caustics ointment slathered on appointment, irreversible disjointment & matriarch anointment. kids, th frenzy is thick & fervent n’ fully flourishing, hell it’s lush, chokingly abundant & galloping gregarious through stratocosm stridulations & star sedimentations. yu just keep on knocking those boots chingu, wit plenty a’ plurality in my galaxy, absurdist libations in yer strut, kayn’t nathin’ fayd th dendro-delic dumbfound on sum divine delectation angled shit! Baybz! As long as yu heaping th cellulite in th ryt place, iyz all n’ good! keep up those sordid escapades, especially th adulterous one’s, y’ bazurddd  *   *   *

Gymnosophist Nympholepsy (instantaneous olfactory romantic acquisitions):

terrifying tetra-firma tautology!!! I mean really, Marathon Blast to th maximum, pinnacle Anti-Listener & sublime User-Hostility extra-terrestrial-endurance, ligature fray, brain bray, viscera splay with lashings of chaos, fully pulverized with lo-fi goulash & sonic short outs/audio-overwhelm/thwart-circuit. Alternate angles abound, If yu can get thru this in it’s entirety, intact, with sanity & hearing capacity still in yur possession, yu are truly amongst th chosen….MELLO FRUM TH GROUP, MUTHUFUKU THAT’S BONE-HARRRD!!!!!!!

Bollock Swine: Vulpine Voluptuous:

super chaotic, jumbled jagged jactitation, 3 girl seizure cabal convulsive fit frantic, falling/flying/flipping/flailing fragments, hurtling tumbling, triturating 7011 degree fragmentation & fissiparation…th whole world thru a cheese-grater!!!


UPDATE 10-03-14

" Broken Bollock. Bracken Bollock. Bruk n' Bollocks! Chubs, here be some overwhelming tempest of total torikowashi tantrum trauma. Yu can churk th videos ryt here playa’ …. BUCOLIC BOLLIK !!!!!!!!!! "



UPDATE 20-01-14

aeons have oozed out b4 a muthafuka last spoke!!! Anywyas th plenum has still been projecting plasm, it’s just th written articulation addendum that’s unaccompanied.
but first, an account of transpiring meadow fornications -

<1> Arboreal Anecdote And Avizandic Aureola CDR:

BS jab a solitary instrumental track encompassing Government Alpha as a 3rd component.. psychoprhenic with sum serious, serious hyper Blasting & harsh barrage for umongous

erogenous protrusion. Other outré’s are orotund with outrage & inorthodoxals.



<2> Gongju In Grayvyard! 7vn track EP CDR:

Indissoluble spastications incertitude Hyper-Blast & tireless single pedal thew Blast multi-levelled concurrent barrage, 3 gurl action hyperaesthetic histrionix, Noyz mesh & pedal sorcery FX

mutilation & distortion chronic chaotic contumacy & comely (heh!) improvised indecency & intrepid incisionary interface inexplicables along with utter Avant-Garde abrasive. There can be no other….

awesome undesirables Erst-While Antrum conjured this outta th pleasure quarters of th matriarch multiplex, ltd to x77 copies with 3 varying cover designs.


<3> Totem Shoal CDR:

full length, full feral, full frenzy tons an tons an tons of Blurbeat/Tatsumaki…total Torikowashi Hard-Vacuum mixed with shredding shrapnel spraying fuckin’ fast Blasts & hyper Blasts tumbling over

each others lorications & dorsal spines to pummel th brayncells out ya balls kur-hur-hur ^ ^. Massive excellence in guitar-noyz frenetic bleurk scald major mangling This is a complete session,

entirely instrumental frum 2004, pretty lofi but with decent overall clarity. Th fastest, th frenziedest, th fuckyest!!!   


<4> Wonton Shanghai Odalisque split blu 7” EP with Pseudoku:

masterpiece of megalomanical megrim monstrous malformation & utter utter maul!!! This is Hard Vacuum! This is Torikowashi! This is Tatsumaki! Absolute Anti-Listener bliss belabour

hyper sex-dryv hysteria scream-gouge Neko-Neko-Noyzcore…gorge yourself stupid on th fastest Blurbeats, Hyper Blast shredding convolved chords fret grate hyper-bray User Hostile

scream saturnalia Gunk turbulence prepotency,



Pseudoku coming with some fucking crazy space-colostomies with that bastard Kikanju Baku on drums, oh! So it’s lyk that?
fulfilling fornicatory fulcrums, rumination & endeavour are primed for “Approbation from Ayp Deity” full CD <Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper> & th ultimate in Torikowashi Tatsumaki turbulence “Enchanted Fruity Melon Esculents” 3” CD <Lo-Fi-Or Die Rekudz> which is actually complete & jzt needs preening. Other assaulting awesomeness & abject aberration to occur for free spirited forest peoples & th more passionate & promiscuous amongst us. 




upcoming BS releases, ripening nicely under th stark arctic sunshine....

Bollock Swine-Hylerzoic Heirloom dbl CD:

brund spunkin' new trax recorded in th fall of 2005! faster than ANYTHING ON EARTH! 4get ASHIAIP, 4get every MachineGrind band ever, this shit is litrally competing with  MachineBlur goliath Asscavern! ludicrous, impossible, unreal, superhuman Neko Neko Noyzcore blast hegemony with there best sound 2 date! frzt CD is also a split with meka destruction basilisk DND! BS also has contributions frum Government Alpha, DND, M150, sweet sounds of th burning child & more thrusting th Noyzcore banner in2 uncharted ether! also a lyv collaboration with Praying 4 Oblivion/Tote Stadt's Android & over 30 oriental girls rupturing yur optic-apertures with glass-shattering vocal discharge! things will never ever be th saym again!  


x3 of th best, most distinctive and skilled Noyzcore groups about tripple team with BS 2 give yur girl a righteous good Bollocking under th date palm <organic of course>!!! it's a fucking classic already!!! GUNK!!!!!!!!!!


Donkey has been defenestrated frum BS due 2 his chronic dearth of devotion along with almost impossible circumstances for future participations! it's a loooong anfractuous yarn that's better buried in th compost, but Dunx failure 2 appease Kanju's draconian standards of diligent dedication & letting his personal life intrude in2 th project is th rough mix! Brung-Spung was floated down th Gange's on a blu curly kale float amicably enough! a selection of other mutants are being entertained for chard-duty! they will probably all end up in th band providing there gun-powder is up 2 organic standards but i am particularly taken by a classically trained Cello & Violin player with well over a decade of worship 2 her artistic vocation! Cello BlurNoyz? very excited about that one! experimenting & BlurWarping with Hisao frum Final Exit would also be a celestial saunter! other characters can remain anonymous or at large amongst th rhubarb fronds for now but also a much larger collusion with our Stridor/Spate heavy-weights <NOT overdubs but real tym> is definitely on th chards! balsamic vinegar is shit, opt for lemons <4 him> or limes <4 her>!!!


BS are looking 4 an independent avatar 2 release a full length CD! "Big Garden Goddesses Bring Quality Horse Bedding" a complete 11 trax session of th most unforgiving, feral, Torikowashi, Tatsumaki, BlurBlastWarp, Marathon-blasting EVER recorded + bouts of BS's habitual polymorphous, Avant-Garde, opaque vertex-Fusion, Jazz-Break, Free-range Experimental! can't stress how Blur an Blaz this is even for BS standards, nothing else even close or on even th outskirts of th given territory! so either a label or a lone passionate prelatic zealot with an insatiable esurient's for arch-avant-garde unfathomably kinetic Neko-Neko mutagens, telegram our vegetable patch & we will grow yu a CDR of th album along with conditions! an iym sure i dont even need 2 mutter that we are of course talking a glass-mastered pro CD, & absolutely nothing beneath that!  


Brek in Bunk have a selection of exclusive trax for small split EP outbursts of there unparalleled BlurNoyzcore frenzy & harlequin-haze-hop break fusion s' roll up if yur coordinates comply!!!


Future Bollock Broth!?!? oh' it's all there! ideations & incubators ready 2 extrude there taratoid biomekanikal hybrids all eager 2 vastate tarditions, quell conservatism & glaze th gloss with abnormality & meron salvation! it's a huge process & a lotta' money will be needed no doubt! iym planning a small coup that may conduce th commodious circumstances datz desideratum! i also have 2 get our previous releases rehabilitated 1st which is taking every ounce of money/energy/time i have <ok' ok, Asian grrrlz, budo, world dominion & other creative ventures are also feeding off my increasingly stressed chronology rations also>!

ok boylz an gargoylez, stay th fuk away frum tradition unless it's thousands of years old, snazzy & needs rekindling in our age of barren conformist hyper-junk-consumption of aimless indolence!

JAL-JAAAAAAAAAAA... BollockSwine/ScallopBrine/FrolicChime/TrollopMime

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