Donkey-guitars and vox 2004-2006


Donkey "attacks" his guitar, he does NOT play it! this can not be emphasized enough and is not th standard metaphoric hyperbole or colorful creative descriptive, take it VERY literally, he ATTAX HIS GUITAR- almost no chords are ever utilized. it is total unbridled freefall improv Blurcore. th objective is 2 be as fast, as erratic and as frenzied as possible with no concern otherwise acknowledged AT ALL!!! th intensity and hyperaction is sacrosanct & keeping it sustained and even doubling, tripling, quintupling it is th sacred objective!!! tendon snapping, muscle ripping vein bursting fast picking at top speed over some of th fastest tempo's ever for minutes on end with Bollock Swines signature layer of mastic distortion! thrown in amongst th all out BlurNoyz is Kongs unique "Staggercore" or "Lurch"! descriptions are akward but groaning, lolling, inebriated experimental chords with an almost "wowie" style or Hawaiian Ukulele-resembling springy wriggling notes like a giant groggy were-panda after eating a crate of Wongling skunk staggering through yur vegetable patch & crashing in2 th azalea shrub!!! masses & masses of pinched harmonics, strangling, scraping, scouring, granulating and all manner of profoundly disharmonic fret-frottage collide with a lot of Noyz FX which are also punched in thru FX pedals further distancing any categorization! Kong being th shaggy wild man he is has no impediments or restrictions and has total self assurance/confidence in spontaneity which is perfect 4 BS's free 4 all improv experimental style leaving him 2 fully flaunt his undaunted on-th-spot showmanship where so many would not kno what 2 do or how 2 express themselves without hours of premeditation! he is also totally self taught and thus has never had others doctrine imposed or his own initiation and personal styles/character and ideas conflicted or stamped out! on th contrary, his warped autogenic perceptions have been allowed 2 flourish unhindered & pristine just like any eco-system b4 man comes crashing in 2 fuck it all up!

Bong-chun has many other dijital and live projects most notably th notorious and much dreaded Asscavern who kingpin th roost in th Cyber/Machine department with there spectacular NoyzDistortionDethBlurBlastMachineGryndIndustrial!!!