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Wage Slave Exchange - the gruesome twosome pro-CDR

Maximum distortion Japanese Noyzgrynd with Hiroshi Masaaki
from Sewage. very similar 2 early Nikudorei’s most revered epoch.


Daddy’s Deadly Darling
(The Pigs)
4-way pro CDR

Luminescent Japa Machine Grynd
along th SMU & Pantalones conduit.
If ONLY there was more like this!
Th 3 other contributions are Noyz, MachineSlushGrynd & Blackmetal all frum Japan for yu gook-guzlers oot there!


Sewage - in nothing CDR

Yowch! pristine frenetic laptop excoriating absonance from this
cult artist.


Sewage - the day comes
laughing you CDR

Dollin’ owt th damage! More psycho-equivocating inexhaustible SpateStridor flame throwing.


Glaukom Synod-ogre pro CDR

Take exception. No comparisons here,
abstruse, lofi & UTTERLY brilliant
CyberIndustrialMachine-<?> with
Metal & Grynd samples. Completely beyond th taint on classification as all artists should be <listen an learn yu ovine fucking bleached gollywogs>


Wage Slave Exchange-live pro CDR

3 long trax of super distorted granulated spacking NoyzGrynd slop with quality HarshNoyz provision.


Bollock Swine-fedora dowry 3"
colour CDR

Th most paranormal shit yu will ever hear,
Torikowashi, Gunk, Hard-Vac, Warp, Anti-Listener-Avant-Garde, No-Skool-Noyzcore, Harlequin-Haze-Hop, Free-Range! Individual art & individual track seriations for each CDR. Strickly limited to x37 editions!


Mourmansk 150 - la guerre, l'anarchie et le chaos CD

"exausting the last vestiges of free-speech with extreme prejudice"
14 trax of heavy motherfucking duty PE, Industrial, Drone, Noyz Hatecore.
edgy as shit as usual from this controvertible cabal with fucking intense anthrophobic, patriocidal anti-western lyrics & dogma.
very uncomfortable listening for a very uncomfortable century!

Mike Love 666-album #12 CD

rollicking Noyz n’ Samples! Hilarious pop-ridicule, listen 2 Geri Halliwell being peeled alive by Stridor cutlery. Lot of variety & substantial quality assured.


Final Exit-seasons are going 3" CD

12 trax of distichous dissonant disturbance! cute full-colour 3" wrap


DND-blood & gore CD

super-energetic maiming Harsh-Noyz premium from this rogue Italian warlord!


Jesus Of Nazareth-braid of muscle CD

JESUS! dirty, dire, distressing demonic & DAMNED disharmonic NoyzGrynd/Gunk/Zloba!
think uv early JetJag, vintage Nikudorei & Inhalant with a generous malformed appendage of there own on top! AWSOME shit & dont let th "ex Enemey Soil" or fact that it was released by those 2 genteel commercial bum-boys at RSR dehort yu!


DRF 1-"josh atwell is a cocksucker" comp CD

beyond Noise, Grind, Speedcore, th "dijital" deluge & th connotation "extreme" skulks Gunk, SeishinSpeedcore, No-Skool-Noyzcore, Torikowashi, Warp, Blurcore along with Anti-Listener, User-Hostile & "Nex Jen"! this invaluable international 99 track, 32 band, near 80 minute, 85%+ exclusive material sacred-codex CD show-cases them all in explicit detail along with a small stint of some of th more traditional CyberGrind, NoyzGrynd & Noyz forms! so expect an unremitting torrent of toxic malformed zoic overkill that will shame yur petty preconceptions & leave a smoking hole in th center of yur fucking face! yu have my personal guarantee, shit is as EXTREME as it fukng gets bar NONE/NOTHING/NOBODY!

donors are- Terrorist Kriss, Divelto, Nee, Bollock Swine, Government Alpha, DND, Ass Cavern, FztFwrd, Himitsu King, Final Exit, NihilFist, Cativeiro, Fast Violent Shit Killer, Tumor, sweet sounds of the burning child, Elf Smasher, Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree, Terminal 11, Mr Joker, Fuckin' Scream Blue Murder, Crovac, Wounded Head, Acura Geomancer, Electrocutionerdz, Savage Man Savage Beast, Ground Zero Death Trap, Intestinal Slaughter, Foetopsy, The Magpies, Lincoln Love Log & Dataclast


Himitsu King-junk 7"EP

one of th best EP's i have ever heard! surreal, implacably unique multi-fusion Noyzcore Gunk or "fast progressive junk" phenomenon! expect th unexpected from this impossibly cult aberrational gathering of hallucinogenic freak-core purveyors this band rejuvenates my anthro-fatigue with such a irrefragable instrumentally adept polychromatic cloud-burst of super inventive hyper-creativity & excessive exploration! FUK Geek Gasper!


Himitsu King/Yoope Tower split 7"

more mutated progressive uncatagorizable deviations from this relentlessly fantastic Avant-garde Noyzcore sensation! Yoope Tower are total Shitnoise!


Star Crossed faggots/Vomitopsy 3"CDR

fresh growth in th CyberGrynd cryogenic compartment! SCF although NOT with User-Hostile mayhem or brain-vaporizing horrisonance but habile sedulous Cyber-sass & pensive produxion giv y' loins a ryt good rub-down! a fucking good CyberGrynd band then but not much 2 flaunt on th anti-listener thermometer! hand made & limited 2 x100 copies ! Vomitopsy fucking suck!


Nikudorei/Bad Taste Museum 7"

super rare early Niku release...YES that means drums ! & so - harsh trashy Japa noyzcore but with more character, malice & vigor than th usual! BTM play junky Jap Punk with a little Noyzcore element!


Lincoln Love Log-6 track
demo CDR

YOW! lascivious louche & lofi Experimental Industrial Sludge Grind Groove Noyz left 2 ferment in a
cylinder of fuk juices! out of th ordinary & oh' so inspiring! this 6 track demo trumps there full length CD!


Bloodsprut-S.I.D.S CDR

Norwegian DistortionNoyzcore. Hyper aggressive, hysterical, primate & pneumatic. Reminiscent of World, Nee & AxCx at their hardest but with more Noyz elements.