Bollock Swine dispense Neko-Neko-Noyzcore = BlurBlast Screamcore improv JazzBreak Stridor Lurch Free-Range-Fusion Noyzcore!!!!!

 a little more definition on detail if yu would venerable elder...

 NEKO-NEKO-NOYZCORE!!! defining Bollock Swines style is very fukn difficult as th band dont want 2 be tethered and are all but impossible 2 catch!!! they play an eclectic polarized acid ball concoction of... Blurcore- frantic fast picking distorted guitars at TOP SPEED with no servility 2 time frames or ponce of any kind while th drums blast faster in tempo and stroke than anyone else out there! it is th most energetic music on earth <yes really, even some ancient tribal shit> concerned only with maximum speed and frenetix! rather than th formal short bursts of tepid aggression thats popular in Grind or Blur or all genres deemed "extreme" BS opt 4 long protracted and consistent sprints of impossibly intense, hell 4 leather Blur maxims followed by a brusque recuperation <that's always still demanding> then str8 back in2 th Blur!!! Kanju an Kong both foremost Torikowashi Blur an Blaz veterans try and exhaust and out Blur each other with ludicrously prolonged passages of unchallenged regnant blurblastbeat sovereignty!!! it simply does not get any faster with BS fucking literally running laps on 2days most esteemed drummers and indeed drum machine's! second 2 which BS have there freak-ball incongruitous investigative mutant bohemian-birth defect "wuteva" style shit! guitars riddled with FX, tuned all over th place depending on th day and lunar positioning, guitars are not played but "flayed and laid" with every manner of string snapping extravagance under th 3 suns! a vison impervious 2 category convention or limitations means ANYTHING GO'S (including ya momma ho)! - and th more fukd up th better! discordant, absonant, hobbling, inquisitive, stridulous, vivacious, boggling Bollock-frolic are served in steamed organic cabbage wraps often with strong relative 2 Harsh Noyz & Sour Milk with phonetix yu would never think plausible from a guitar <BongChong has a way of his own with his tools>! drums are th fastest on earth! bring everything yu got and watch them get decorticated alive by mad' mad Kikanju Baku th Blur/Blast-Beat kamasutra! how many dishes can yu make with a blast/blur beat? billions if yu ask Baku th Bollock as he trail blazes ahead of th bleating flock at 3000BPM + <on th hands alone> with his exclusive 64 stroke "Tatsumaki" Blurbeat and it's extra complicated relation th "Hertza Haeon" <Tatsumaki but with accents and double strokes x___x>!!! Kanju also pioneers live Jungle and Break-Beat and stupefying fully fukn fledged Jazz-Fusion conglobulations with th most ludicrously rambunctious percussive flamboyancy... 2 uv th illest fux on earth going at it AS HARD as they can, yu gotta hear 2 believe!!!!

 as if that was not enough BS have over x50 vocalists and only 1 is male! th rest are all Oriental grrrrlz from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China who get drunk and fucking unleash totally spontaneous brain jarring Screamcore along with th odd spot of J-Pop, North Korean anti-American solidarity anthems and ancient Chinese washing songs!!! it's a fukn celebration of gorgeous oriental nymphs in there most unbridled element yu parasitic western cur....RICE LOVEEEEEEEEER!!! two deceased pot-bellied pigs also provide unprecedentedly shrill & horrisonant power-organix squeal-feedback & a miscellaneous hill tribe of other animals have small sonic cameos on a selection of trax!

 as if that fragile cranial unit could withstand any further pressure BS consort directly <live> and with international overdubs with some of Stridor/Harsh Noise's top demolition consummates such as DND, Government Alpha, Mourmansk 150, Praying For Oblivion,  and "sweet sounds of th burning child"!!!!

 magnitude degrees of skill and instrumental life long devotion greet human endurance and physical ability at it's penultimate munching fresh spring grass with far flung uncharted experimental feral an th most fukng rabid fanatic rinsing hwagin-sa-sal seizuristic light-speed Torikowashi drummachine immolating fukn-frantic Blur an Blast-blivion! Brek n' Bollock totally embody th extreme polarity of th preened prancing pop of Relapse and th thousands of shit-suckle epigones that extol th corporations trite fake & desultory corporate conducts! they take th extremism & aggression of lofi distorted blast glut Noyzcore and x80 fold it but still attain staggering skill and complexity without any capitulation or compromise! no triggers, no months of polishing in th studio or adding shit that was not there afterwards, no drum/guitar overdubs or multiple takes, it's as fucking pure as a mouth fulla Mongolian grasslands green and succulent earthy goodness!!!