not content with hitting yur pallid arse with th most severe hurricane in human history, BS want yu 2 have 2 endure th worst thunderstorm, quake & tidal wave AT TH SAME FUKN TIME! Harsh/Experimental Noyz from th following is stationed in generous viscid overdub laminations on selected trax, passages....

Mourmansk 150:

hugely controversial French dissident C Biot with a long lineage of releases ranging from full force pure wrath Stridor 2 dank brooding minatory PE & Drone!


Italian Harsh-Noyz warlord responsible for some of th most energetic, violent & progressive/structured HarsNoyz int history!!!

Government Alpha:

greatly revered Japaneez magma-mage with many releases and much experimentation though never straying 2 far from his signature FUKNG barbarous Harsh Noyz and super extreme Feedback/Sourmilk overloads!

sweet sounds of th burning child:

Okinawa & LOD/TGS's very own incarnation of th malignant goddess Rangda in th form of Minzo Shiroma ....horrible, ghastly, perverse & painful super harsh ultra freak Power Organix made with mouth and nasal contortions & standard distortion! 

Praying For Oblivion/Tote Stadt:

a truly bizarre live session was performed with Android in 2005 over 3 days which due 2 some massive deviations in style inspired th title "Scallop Brine"! Droid th Druid is also known for his Harsh n' Noyz/Industrial exports Praying For Oblivion & Tote Stadt!!!