Final Exit

rugged Noyzcore veterans with there own ultra distinctive immaculately self-honed No-Skool-Noyzcore! GLORIOUS - with th "controlled-chaos" theory at an awe-inspiring loft!


OUCH! - searing refractions of stupendously harsh quality Stridor excess from Seoul Korea! NOTS TA B FUKD WIT!!!


th highest quality, irrefutably th most extreme & th first/initiator of th MachineBlurBlastWarp "over-violence" style/genre! unrivaled TorikowashiSurrealCyberWarp -NoyzBlur DistortionBlastGrynDeth Anti-Listener extinction in a class of it's own!

Himitsu King

brilliant, bizarre and very technical Osaka progressive-Noyzcore abnormality!

Government Alpha/Xerxes rekad label

one of th few prestigious Harsh Noyz bands that are actually worth there reputaion - experimental and playful but largely fucking intense grueling Harsh Noyz excess!!!



obscene str8 Blur an Blaz MachineNoyzGryn with viscus bass and mousey vox! tipped 2 be Asscaverns successor <one helluva' fyt on ja handz>!!!


Mourmansk 150

th Godfather of impossibly abrasive ultra violent political Harsh-Noyz! making Power Elektronix only these days unfortunately!



excellent & bizarre webzine venting concentration on weird alternative shit! mostly in Russian & largely with thoroughly inutile English reviews by a Japanese guy that uses nothing but recycled metaphors!


Jesus Of Nazareth

very special, ultra progressive/unique, harrowing badly mutated bio-mekanikal NoyzGrynd-FreakGunk!


Jigokuki/Gobbledy-Gunk E-orchard/Matsuge Androgyn

th only genuine autonomous/alternative hub! fomenting a full scale rebellion on prescription culture & business in th arts with a fiercely sectarian insurgency & temerarious guerilla-media!


SUPER saturated DistortionBlurBlastNoyz from th Utopian quixotic spotless perfectionary civilized sanctuary of Norway were EVERYBODY is happy ALL of th time ALWAYS, Geh' Geh!