Empress Orchids Joobachi Quantum Drive Indictment Committee-dbl CD:

so extraordinary it will inspire compulsory gag reflexes! possibly th most enigmatic band on earth? What in th fuk is it? impossibly indelible Avant-Garde BlurBlastBreak Jazz-Gunk & other defineless discordant dalliance complete with far-Eastern estrogen showers of inebriated emotional exorcism! 22 trax- 2004- Tetsubishi Gobstopper


Bollock Swine/Himitsu King/Final Exit/Crovac-4 way CD:

3 of th most uncompromisingly idiosyncratic No-Skool-Noyzcore bands in human/deity/zoic history along with mechanical quantum-BlurBlastNoizeGrind outfit Crovac harvest 35 trax of th most  progressive, radical, untraditional Avant-garde Gunk frum th sky-forests most remote orchards! BS present x3 trax! Jan 2007-Lofiordierekadz 


DRF vol1- Josh Atwell Is A CockSucker comp CD:

2 trax including a particularly sapid mutamix of "Jindo Goldfish Girls"!


2 attain Gunk-nirvana with theez 2 sacred relix of feral-fusion-fertility trek 2- www.jigokuki.org/gobbledygunk