in Autumn 2004 Bong-chun came 2 London for x9 days 2 do some fukn Noyzcore/unidentified sonic formation with Kanju!!! on exactly th same day as Kong's arrival Kanju was emerging from th crucible of th lovely but hugely demanding Dr.Goro!!! barely alive and needing 2 sleep 4 a week Kanju an Kong made th best of shit equipment, difficult studio location and having previously never met! th preconceptive project/ideas changed from telling th project what 2 do 2 th project telling us what 2 do! th improv jams sounded hyp, we went with it and on th last day got some Korean chix 2 come down, potate a little 2 much alcohol and howl tha roof off th motherfuck! those sessions bore Empress Orchid's... release with th additional vocal overdub contributions from mad Yoon Jee, distraught agamic tree urchin Snooty th Uterus Kid and Kong himself!!!


in Autumn 2005 Ju-Ju-Kan went 2 fuk-hole USA fa 3 months 2 plant edible fungai using ancient Mongolian composting systems from th Tang dynasty in Donkeys stable deep within one of th many dystopic suburban hellholes that are all over th fukn USA!!! yu will be seeing th results shortly!!