this is th worst bit! i HATE having 2 do this! our ancient walled garden is a thriving cornucopia green-housing some of th most unique species & impossible variegation! & i have 2 limit it 2 a snack? iyl evince with a few tubers & some saplings but just bare th vastness of our habitat in mind, each fucking track is a different breed of plant or flower with it's own definitions, personal biological cycles, customs & teething powers so i can only adumbrate & allude as 2 what awaits! seed-pods th size of a small dog!

a'k folx, th dense viridescence is impossible 2 penetrate right now....& so for th tym being snag some potations frum BS's Matsuge Androgyn web page:

iyl be returning frum a wilderness expedition with fresh fauna & feral esculents in th nex month r' so, so keep yur fruit baskets at th ready!