Kikanju Baku was orphaned as an infant and raised by drum machines deep in th jungles of Tajikistan!!! being th intensely puritanical dick he is, he has a cathexis 2 rival and compete with drum machines and prove that technology aynt shit like th real thing (ditch that Jessica Rabbit an climb aboard bijo -><)! shit started with Jungle, then CyberGrind <PAM, DS, SMSB, Wadge, ANB an others> and has gone on from there 2 Kanju facing off with th likes of allegedly "inhuman" genres such as Asscavern, JetJag and Xanopticon! Kanju created & is still th only drummer capable of playing th "Tatsumaki" or "Blurbeat", a 64 stroke blast beat that means he can not just rival but actually drum faster than at least 95% of ALL Machine Grind/Blur bands! he drums faster than any blast beat ANB have ever programmed! as if this was not enough ample organic wholesome goodness 4 th day, th lad is on a pinnacle of his own with th Torikowashi method, "endurance and sustainability" or "Marathon-blasting" carpet-bombing often for a matter of minutes at full pelt and rejuvenating in a few seconds of frantic Jazz vibrancy rather than th fleeting stick and carrot style that's rampant everywhere else! his tempos, tightness, endurance/consistency and variety are rivaled by NOBODY laying Dave Witte and Longstretch in a closed fucking casket along with there families and loved ones! a lot of his work is done on a single pedal so it's raw, pure performance blast with out th superfluous double-bass pedal compensations <though th shamonic goat-herding Tuva drifter can do "Flail" dbl-bass faster than anybody> and also frequently plays very solid without th constant fills/breaks 2 ease th strain & interrupt th intensity! aside being th apodictic hegemony of blast Kanju is also a "Feral" drummer, having an allergic reaction 2 all things technological and being a staunch veristic zealot he uses NO triggers, NO overdubs and NO devices or studio tricks WHAT SO EVER! 110% ORGANIC SOIL ASSOCIATION APPROVED NON GM with raw honest recording quality that explicitly documents that!!! Kanju spent most of his early drumming career playing highly extravagant Jazz-Fusion which is still hugely prevalent in his style 2day <some say he is a Jazz drummer more than anything else>! he otherwise amalgamates a huge portion of 60-70's getto Funk, a massive influence from early 90's sample based Rap and of course full fucking pelt ultra-tek live Jungle and Breakbeat & also keeping in concord with No-Skool Noyzcore & filamentous-Fusion - Country shuffles, Afro-beat, Flamenco & yu fukn name it!!!! if yu have ever pondered what th result of Billy Cobham/A. Mouzon playing extemporaneous NoyzcoreBlurcore at th top of his ability with a strong Break/Jungle slant would sound like this should provide a decent estimate!!!


Kanju also drums for controvertible Insurge-Gryn dirty bombers ASHIAIP and was in cult GeikoGrynd band Shinu Mazafakingu Ujimushi! he has a myriad of other "abstract" projects & percussive ambitions but being so amok on th kit finds it very hard 2 locate others bold/resilient enough 2 create with him <th poor dear ~_~>!!!